Crane House B.V.

On this page you will find all new machines we work with from Spacelift. More information about these cranes can be found in the Equipment information page.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us or call us.

Spacelift® Cranes

Crawler crane latice boom

Spacelift®-Zeppelin ZT400
Spacelift®-Zeppelin ZT600
Spacelift®-Zeppelin ZT800

Crawler crane telescopic

Spacelift® CCH-800
Spacelift® CM1600T

foundation equipment

Spacelift®-Zeppelin ZT400-P

Tower crawler cranes

Spacelift® CTW-400

- T.O.C. 120 HC
- T.O.C. 185 HC
- T.O.C. 256 HC

Spacelift® CTW-500

- T.O.C. 120 HC
- T.O.C. 185 HC
- T.O.C. 256 HC

Hydraulic crawler cranes

Spacelift® 1250-6S
Favelle Locatelli Spacelift