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Engineering (Machine construction)
We construct special machinery on request for special workplaces or adjustments for various requirements. Our company has a special department for drawing, design and assembly of machines what makes the perfect machine for a special situation. Nothing is impossible! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Spacelift Of course, a crane like this (with a lifting capacity of 125 Tons/Meter, and a hydraulic outreach of 27,3 m) is already a special in itself, however this specific unit is even more special than others. The crane is mounted on a special carriage with hydraulically extendable tracks.

Spacelift 1250-6S - Hydraulic knuckle boom crane on crawler.

Thanks to this mounting, the Effer 1250 features many significant advantages:

  • It goes virtually anywhere thanks to the tracked drive system
  • It is extremely compact (less than 6,5 m. of total length, and a width of only 3,5 m)
  • It is entirely remote controlled (including the driving, although without a load and at limited speed)
  • it has the capacity to work in very limited spaces, where other similar models could not even have an access.

For example, the crane is here working on a very narrow path, locked between the railway and the construction of ‘HSL' (Dutch High Speed Railway) in Rotterdam.

The whole crawler base carries ballast that prevents the crane from being used with outriggers. The total weight of the Spacelift® 1250-6S (including the fly-jib) is 49,5 Tons.

Transport on/off site

Because the whole unit features an overall height of only 3600 mm. it can be easily
driven onto a low-bed semi-trailer.

The Spacelift® 1250-6S features at best when equipped with a fly-jib. The fly-jib can handle a load of up to 8 tons at an outreach of 9 m. from the crane slewing axis and up to a height of 12 m from ground. This makes it a particularly strong machine on the building sites where it is often necessary to bring a heavy load of building material up and inside the building floor.

Increased productivity

From the minute the crawler unit drives off the semi-trailer, the crane is immediately
available for work.

Favelle Locatelli Spacelift